Axial Piston Units
Sales and delivery Conditions
The present general terms of trading will be applicable to all deliveries and services performed by Group VH as seller and/or supplier, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
The present terms of trading shall take precedence over any procurement terms, unless otherwise explicitly approved by Group VH.
For any deliveries and services performed by Group VH, the terms of NL92 or the latest edition of NL shall otherwise apply with any exceptions that follow from these general terms of trading.
Terms of payment
Payment is stated on the order confirmation. When forwarding a reminder a fee is charged for each letter.
After the due date of payment, interest is charged according to the Danish Overdue Payments Interest Act in force from time to time. This interest is currently the official Danish lending rate plus 7 %.
The buyer does not have the right to payment by set-off.
Any delay in payment by the buyer shall entitle Group VH to withhold further deliveries until payment is made. In case of the buyer’s delay in connection with one or more payments, Group VH is furthermore entitled to terminate the agreements entered into with the buyer.
Any delay in payment entitles Group VH to withhold further deliveries and releases Group VH from any other contractual obligations. The buyer is not entitled to set-off any counterclaim, which is not approved in writing by Group VH, and is not entitled to withhold any part of the purchase price because of set-off of any kind.
The company’s prices are ex works, excluding VAT and other duties that are or are to be charged on the products.
A cancellation can only take place in accordance with a written agreement with Group VH and with our acceptance. In case this concerns deliveries from the workshop or deliveries for non-standard stock goods or goods that are especially procured, cancellation cannot take place.
If Group VH has accepted the cancellation of a delivery, the goods must be sent ”carriage paid” to Group VH’s address: Glarmestervej 3-5, DK-6710 Esbjerg, Denmark. Goods shall only be accepted for return in an undamaged and unused condition. The goods must be accompanied by a delivery note endorsed with a return number from Group VH, which refers to the agreement entered into for the return. Returned goods are only credited with the deduction of our costs. For standard stock goods a crediting charge of 30 % of the invoice price is added, though minimum DKK 500 excluding VAT.
Liability for defects and damaged goods
If the buyer wishes to hold Group VH liable for defects and/or damaged goods, the buyers must immediately submit a written complaint with a description of the defect/damage. In case the complaint is not made immediately, the buyer looses the right to sustain a claim on account of the defect or damage. Group VH shall not be liable for other than that stated in NL92. This applies to any loss, including operating loss, loss of earnings or any other consequential loss of a financial nature. This limitation of the supplier's liability shall apply for both defects and damaged goods in accordance with NL 92.
Handling fee
For orders of less than EUR 250,00 net excluding VAT, Group VH reserves the right to charge an order-processing surcharge fee of EUR 100,00 net excluding VAT.
Orders placed through the Group VH Portal of less than EUR 100,00 net excluding VAT, Group VH reserves the right to charge an order-processing surcharge fee of EUR 40,00 net excluding VAT.
Forwarding is at the buyer’s expense using our choice of carrier and packaging, unless otherwise agreed at the time of ordering. Packaging cannot be returned.
Rate of exchange
Should the rate of exchange between our currency and the currency in use in the supplier’s country change by more than 2 % from the time of the entering into of the agreement until the time of payment by the customer, Group VH reserves the right to adjust the price in accordance with the total difference.
The stated delivery dates are made in accordance with our best estimate and according to the conditions prevailing at the time of quotation or the time of entering into the agreement. Group VH reserves the right to postpone the time of delivery or to cancel the order in cases where the cause of the delay is due to force majeure beyond the control of Group VH. The delivery method is stated on the order confirmation.
Agreements on discount are valid for 12 months from the signing of the agreement on discount, unless otherwise agreed.
Information on all fees can be obtained by contacting Group VH.
Danish legislation shall apply for trade practice and all decisions shall be settled by the Esbjerg District Court.