Axial Piston Units
Who we are
GroupVH A/S is a certified Service Partner for Axiale Piston units from the Bosch Rexroth AG Group.
Through direct access to the stocks at Bosch Rexroth AG's factories we can ensure that our experience and fast delivery of all of the company’s components.
GroupVH A/S are manufacturing 5000 units each year.
GroupVH A/S stocks approximately 35,000 product numbers and we are well-known for speed high quality and delivery of both standard and individual units. In special cases delivery time may be reduced to 24 hours.
We operate in the after sales marked - mostly in corporation with the local Bosch Rexroth Company. Our customers are; service companies, local train companies’, service-, offshore companies and similar companies.
For customers with a high volume of units we have the capability to provide them with Fix price program.
Our focus areas in our sales is:
• Quick units
• Fast delivery
• Customer Portal.
As a new business area, GroupVH A/S has started to focus on truck- and tractor pumps.
Jan Petersen founded GroupVH A/S in 1988 and he is still the CEO. Until 2004, the name was Vestjysk Hydraulics.
From start, the basis was service of all hydraulic brands, repair, flushing of hoses - oil samples, both mobile and industrial installations within Denmark.
During these almost 25 years, GroupVH A/S has developed into a very important and professional player in sale, construction and repair of hydraulic pumps and motors.
Some years ago, the Service department assigned to Bosch Rexroth Denmark, and Group VH keeps the focus on building replacement units and repair.
The main part of the revenue is export related, mainly to European countries, but also a significant part to other parts of the world is under construction.
In order to maintain the international development and the quality has GroupVH A/S in recent years invested significant amounts in test stand equipment. Therefore, GroupVH A/S has built one of the largest and most sophisticated test bench in North Europe. The plant has a capacity to test all sizes of series-produced pumps and motors and
The main part of the approximately 5,000 units annually produced and / or built, is Rexroth units, and thus GroupVH A/S gained considerable knowledge and expertise in all Rexroth's units.
Our Vision
GroupVH A/S wants to be a global leader in building, repair, overhauls and spare parts for axial piston units from Bosch Rexroth A/G. We contribute to the global aftermarket by being a trendsetter in the way we do business together with our customers.